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As a result of Keith's work with Food Not Bombs he has been arrested, beaten and faced 25 years to life in prison. These documents provide additional information about this struggle.

Internal San Francisco Police Department memo detailing a conversation from a warrantless wiretapping of Keith's home phone in 1988.

Clinton Administration letter responding to video and documents about the arrests and beatings of San Francisco Food Not Bombs.

Amnesty International letter supporting Food Not Bombs after getting Clinton letter. Amnesty Inter National announces that Keith will be " A Prisoner of Conscience"if convicted.

United Nations letter announcing an investigation into violence and arrests of Food Not Bombs in San Francisco.

FBI memos on investigation into Denver Food Not Bombs in 2004.

Department of Defense memo listing protests investigated by the military.

FBI memos on infiltration of Richmond Food Not Bombs Starts with two pages about Orlando.

Keith 's tour schedule.
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Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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